Ace relates numerous pulse racing, jaw-dropping scenarios from his adventures as an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot. As a Learjet charter pilot his clientele varied from wealthy Palm Beach socialites to hyper-wealthy South Florida drug kingpins. Layovers included: five-star hotels in Paris and jail cells in Venezuela. Implausible anecdotes that take the reader well outside the envelope are the norm. His experience as a “night freight dog” and “nonsked” airline captain reveal the potentially ugly underbelly of commercial aviation.
The Rogue Aviator

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June 6, 1944 (D-Day)/November 8, 2016

Mr. Trump has already been tagged as a pariah by foreign heads-of-state. His authoritarian leadership style reveals a bully personality which could be a precursor to a fascist-like state.

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While Sully was the Captain and we should not diminish his yeoman efforts, the rest of the flight crew were equally heroic. I met Sully at the Oshkosh Air show a few months after the incident and he exhibited a very soft-spoken, self-effacing demeanor. He has accepted the hero’s role very graciously since he understands…

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