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  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been spreading Christmas joy since 1847 with their wonderful music and dancing. Every year their presentation seems to be better than the previous year. This year was no exception. Tom Brokaw narrated various phases of the Christmas story as he related a powerfully poignant story that reflected “good will…

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Long Before the Internet; "Taylorcraft and Angus bull"


Today’s blog posting will be an aviation blog directory for those folks that really want to find out what is happening in the aviation world. Flight crew members love to share their stories and the blog world allows for job-seeking, networking, or just light socializing.  There are surely many more than you will see on…

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A Great Day to Aviate

       Black Friday is a serious misnomer as it is a beautiful, clear blue-sky sunny day across most of the CONUS. If you have your own airplane get out there and have some fun (but, “keep your airspeed up in the turns.” If you have to travel commercially it is also a good day to…

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