The drone issue becomes even more difficult since we now have drunk people flying drones into the White House complex at 3 am. Under what jurisdiction does a drunken drone operator fall? He is not a pilot. We can’t take away his pilot license. He was not driving a car. He was just having some fun with his new toy. This recent holiday season resulted in sales of drones sky-rocketing. Since they are fun to fly and too many people think that alcohol indulgence must always accompany fun-activities there will be a lot of drunken-drone-driver incidents. Wayward Quadcopters will soon be the norm.

The FAA is pulling its hair out in an attempt to concoct the appropriate rules to deal with all of the unique ramifications of the burgeoning world of drone activity. Are these UAVs (drones) airplanes or model airplane toys? They can be either, and for that reason all attempts at legislation are going to come up short. There are no background checks or restrictions on purchasing these potentially dastardly flying devices. The FAA actually considered that a UAV operator would have to obtain a pilot license. That indicates their level of desperate discombobulation.  As one of the great philosophers so aptly stated, “You can’t legislate against stupid.” The intentional misuse of drones is in its infancy. Let’s have a few beers, crank up the drone and have some fun.

On the bright side, one can now go to the renowned aviation school, Embry-Riddle and get a degree in drones. It will be more euphemistically stated as the “Science of UAV Development.” The other side of the coin: the military is now hiring pilots who will never go near the airport. They will be “UAV Technicians,” as they manuever their Predator drone around the skies of the Middle East. Luckily, there are still F-16s and F-35s and we can still enjoy the swagger and bravado of a real fighter pilot. We must maintain an outlet for our 22-year old testosterone-crazed young men.  The ability to take one’s air machine and have fun while pillaging and plundering is now available to “the everyman.” Keep your blinds closed, the GoPro cameras are lurking everywhere

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