My service as a fighter pilot during the Viet Nam war provided no benefit to the freedom or safety for the United Stated of America. I often hear “thank you for your service” so I will now engage in what is intended to be a far more important service to my country.

As a registered voter it is incumbent upon me to seek as much information regarding the political situations in both this country and throughout the world. I would like to share some of that knowledge with the readers of this blog. The most important civic duty all eligible voters is not to just vote, but to vote intelligently based on fact-based considerations. On November 8th you will have two choices. You can vote for a person who has engaged in a lifetime of service to her country at many levels, or you can vote for a person who has engaged in a lifetime of maximizing his wealth with no record of public service.

The following is a list of adjectives used by journalists, Republican Congressman, retired military generals, business associates, and others, to describe Donald Trump: un-presidential, crass, psychopathic liar, con man, scammer, rude, bully, liar, racist, race-baiter, xenophobic, hate-monger, womanizer, unscrupulous businessman, tax cheater, opportunist, media manipulator, thin-skinned, vengeful, combative, self-aggrandizer, demonic demagogue, etc. ad finitum. Colin Powell stated he is an “international embarrassment and pariah.” He has referred to women as pigs, sluts and he has an ugly background of gender bashing and demeaning women. He once made a statement that Hillary Clinton got “schlonged,” a Jewish slang term for screwed. He made an ugly reference to a journalist who was grilling him (Megyn Kelly) as having blood coming from “wherever,” obviously referring to menstruation. His disrespect for women is well documented. He is notorious for stiffing his workers and contractors. He bragged about not paying income tax. His explanation was, “I’m smart.”

Many of these monikers were revealed to be accurate during the first Presidential debate. His bullying treatment of Mrs. Clinton and Lester Holt was embarrassing to watch. However, when the final bell rang it was revealed that the diminutive Mrs. Clinton had body-slammed the big bully she was jostling with.

Hillary Clinton, functioning as a devoted patriot, has been a stalwart supporter of children, the impoverished, and underfed since she was 18 years old. She has engaged in many aspects of public service for nearly 50 years. She spearheaded the CHIP program, providing health care for children who had no medical coverage. The number of young lives saved by the CHIP program is immeasurable. The CHIP program (http://bit.ly/2ccLyRS) is just the tip of the iceberg of her efforts to stand up for the working middle class and the poor. Bernie Sanders and Hillary have put forth a very progressive platform that will be of benefit to all except the hyper-wealthy billionaire oligarchs (such as Donald Trump.)

In every aspect of her public service she has been the champion of those less fortunate people yet she has been under the severe scrutiny by the vulture-like media for three decades. She endured an eleven hour grilling regarding Benghazi by the Congressional committee. It only revealed that she is tough as nails and innocent of any wrong-doing. She was exonerated by the henchmen as they left with their tails between their legs. Click this link http://wapo.st/2dgORbb for more information. Her mental and emotional endurance and competence was exhibited in spades.

The vote you make on November 8th for the Presidential election is powerfully important since the consequences of a Trump Presidency would have a severely detrimental effect on the people of this country and our entire planet. For the well-being of yourself, your children and future generations please cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.




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  1. Peter O'Connell September 29, 2016 at 11:16 am #

    This post sums up nicely the reasons to vote for Mrs. Clinton and against Mr. Trump.

    I would add that since none of the third party candidates have reached the 15% threshold to be considered eligible to participate in the debates, voters should not vote for any of them. It is a wasted vote because there is no chance a third party candidate will win the Presidency. As Barack and Michelle Obama have pointed out, a vote for a third party candidate is really a vote for Mr. Trump.

  2. Lynda Faye September 29, 2016 at 3:41 pm #

    Well said, Ace!

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