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Area 51 has been an area of concern and controversy for more than a half of a century. A very diligent author named Annie Jacobsen has completed her extensive research and it is nicely bound into a book with the title of, what else, AREA 51. For those that may not be familiar with Area 51 I will suggest that it holds more mysteries than all of the Agatha Christies in the world.

It all began with the landing of the alien people (Martian-like) according to the press in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. The remnants of this crash were supposedly taken to Area 51, a large area of several thousand acres of barren wasteland located about 150 miles north of Las Vegas. The “Roswell Incident” has created an untold number of discussions regarding the concept of alien invaders visiting our planet. Perhaps it is a leading catalyst for the burgeoning civilian space programs.

Amongst the many “goings on” that have occurred at Area 51 is the development and use of the CIA/ Air force spy plane, the U-2 and its successor, the SR-71 “Blackbird.” In 1968 while passing through Kadena Air Force Base one of my Phantom pilot colleagues took a photo of a taxiing SR-71 and within minutes large numbers of Air Police had surrounded his airplane and he was whisked away. He joined us a few hours later after an interrogation and the confiscation of his camera. A few months later as I was sitting at the mobile control tower at Kunsan AFB in Korea, a SR-71 showed up on short final and the imposing looking “Blackbird” created quite a furor amongst the security folks as the aircraft was immediately cordoned off and surrounded by Air Police. Within two hours a C-130 and KC-135 tanker aircraft landed to provide the needed support to get this big black spy back in the air. It had been headed over Russia to take a few photos when an emergency resulted in a diversion to Kunsan.

On its final flight, the Blackbird, destined for The Air and Space Museum sped from Los Angeles to Washington, DC in 64 minutes at an average speed of 2,145 miles per hour, setting four speed records.

This blog is prepared by Ace Abbott, author of The Rogue Aviator

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2 Responses to THE MYSTERY’S OF AREA 51

  1. David E. Newhart January 12, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Hi Al, Dave Newhart here. You are the man. Looking forward to reading your new book. Your Dad and I spent several hard cider hours flying J 3 cubs & Taylorcrafts. He kept me updated on your 727 activity early on . He stopped down at Johns grocery with weekly news. Your Dad was very proud of his kids. Good luck with the book! A friend Dave

  2. aceabbott January 12, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Hi David,
    I did a radio interview yesterday and the host wanted to talk about my Dad and the hard cider since she had read the book and in the dedication I include the story of my Dad, the maverick pilot, and gracious host in the cellar, with stories around the cider barrell. If you want I can send a signed copy direct to you. I just need your address. Ace/Al

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