The mystery of what caused Metrojet #9268 to crash after its departure from Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula is keeping the pundits and aviation experts busy.

Did this Airbus 321 have a catastrophic failure such as a rapid depressurization and come apart at cruise altitude? Very unlikely! Despite the previous tail strike with the runway during a takeoff or landing, the airplane was repaired and flew for several years thereafter. Was it a fuel tank explosion? No! All of the fuel in the A321 is in the wings. The aerial photos reveal that the wings impacted the ground still intact. Any other mechanical destruction of this aircraft is implausible.

Now, let us explore some powerful circumstantial evidence that tells us that this aircraft was sabotaged by ISIL operatives:


  • ISIL, Or ISIS, if you prefer, is verified to have a very active contingent of operatives in the Sinai Peninsula.
  • The Sharm el Sheikh airport had reportedly lax security.
  • Putin, the Russian kingpin recently sent troops, ammunition and fighter jets to Syria and they have been killing the Sunni ISIL soldiers. Clearly, ISIL would like to achieve some retribution. The sabotage of a Russian jetliner would fill that square.
  • There has been a dragging of feet regarding the release of information from the black boxes, which would assuredly provide relevant insight into the cause of this airplane coming apart in flight. This delay is related to the complex political complications of this catastrophe: The jet is operated by a Russian company; it was designed by a French company; it was leased from an Irish based company; the aircraft was built in Germany; the investigation will be spearheaded by the Egyptian aviation authoritys. There are a lot of people who do not want to see the black box info.
  • However, the news that an unboard bomb was the likely cause was broken by the Brits. They are dealing with a very sticky wicket as they have nearly 20,000 UK citizens stuck in Sharm el Sheikh and they demand that no British flights leave the airport from which the Russian plane departed.
  • An additional link/dot is that the U.S. had a high level anonymous source, state that it was a near certainty the airplane was sabotaged. Since the Brits and the U.S. have very sophisticated intelligence gathering tools, their declarations have a high degree of credibility.
  • A yet to be discussed element of this unfolding international episode is that the Russians may decide to seek revenge on the ISIL gang and they may well wipe out ISIL in the Middle East while the U.S. gets to avoid the fray. If so, yay for the Ruskies.

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